The purpose of The Cultural is to offer news with content driven by anthropological research from academic resources and publishings and from the author’s own academic career and education.

The goal is to “translate” academic content in simple and straightforward articles, for non-academic yet curious and educated publics. The aim is to select topics  from a variety of ‘cultural’ subjects, like anthropology, literature, botany, art and history to fill the categories of ‘news’ and ‘culture’ with feeds that are usually unavailable to audiences at large.

The author’s education acts as ‘gatekeeper’ and editor.

Melissa Pignatelli’s degree is a Laurea in Lettere (110 e Lode) from the University of Firenze that focused on experimental writing in Ethnography (how to report from a research setting). She then attended a PhD degree in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Milano-Bicocca with a semester at Sorbonne University in Paris at the Centre for Communication and Information. And continued a PhD degree in Media at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and became a researcher at BBC World (Persian television) for the Open University with an AHRC funding. This eclectic formation with research focused on international news agencies (Reuters, AFP) has led to the launch of two cultural news websites, english and italian, with the hope of becoming a trusted source for online cultural information.

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