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Vogue’s Night Out

Firenze Vogue Fashion Night Out,  © MarioLuca Giusti

High heels, chic dress and sexy make-up, Firenze, yesterday evening, has had a brilliant night out.

Down the streets walked, elegantly and confidently, a contemporary Florence.  Feminine, sophisticated, bright, being florentine had a rejuvenated meaning.

Vogue’s all-involving event trasformed the ancient town centre in a huge party venue. Every shop participated offering champagne, Campari, nibbles and live DJ music. People browsed around, stopped to chat and catch up with old friends, went through museums, spared a glance at the Duomo, stared at Palazzo Vecchio, continued to walk about Via Tornabuoni, strolled down Via della Vigna Nuova. In Piazza Goldoni, Mario Luca Giusti’s colorful jugs transformed street works into an installation.

There is not much room for usual polemics as everyone seems truly quite happy with having one glittering night off the crisis’ mood.

A new energy runs through Firenze’s veins. Lively and pleasant, it has awakened the Arno’s banks solitary inhabitants and dragged them into a great open-air party.

In other words, thanks to our mayor Matteo Renzi, definitely en Vogue.

© Melissa Pignatelli 2012
© Photo Mario Luca Giusti

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