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Mediterranean Light

Vittorio Corcos, ‘La Coccoli’

Vittorio Corcos and Joaquin Sorolla are two painters of late Nineteenth century – early Twentieth century, Corcos  is Italian, Sorolla Spanish.
They paint details of everyday life in Mediterranean light.

Vittorio Corcos was born in Livorno in 1859 and died in Florence in 1933. He is part of the “Macchiaioli” group that painted mostly the Tuscan coast and sea.
Joaquim Sorolla was born in Valencia in 1863 and died in Cercedilla in 1923. In Madrid, the Sorolla Museum collects his paintings.

The similarity of their choices is striking  and I here suggest a parallel between the two artists who, probably, never met. Mediterranean light is treated in similar ways through in the painting of a little girl looking at the sea.

Joaquim Sorolla, ‘Nina en la Playa’

© Melissa Pignatelli 2012


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